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Release Yourself From The Limitations Holding You Back and Experience New Transformations

Kenji Kumara, M.A. blends his academic training in Education and Psychology with complimentary alternative medicine approaches in transformational energy work to offer a quantum level system that has the capacity to produce amazingly quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions.

This Special Offer for Manifest Everything Now includes Kenji Kumara's Transformational Quantum Lightweaving® Work that can be easily learned as a unique way of helping Humanity through these times of great change and transition. Blended with humor, lightness and spontaneity, his teachings are geared for the quantum generation of leaders and teachers who are ready for their next step in personal evolution and self healing.

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Taped Live Meditation from 12 Quantum Lightweaving® 3-Day Intensives
61 Downloadable MP3 Audio Files ($325.00 Value)

Audio taped Live Meditation Attunements from 12 Quantum Lightweaving® 3-Day Intensives (61 meditation attunements) for self empowerment, healing traumas, spiritual clearing work, re-birthing, time travel, downloading, new Earth energetics and much more. Almost 1,000 minutes.

Your life and healing skills will transform through these attunements. Includes live "Audience Work" group healing on clearing obstacles to financial prosperity. Repeated listening will clear your sub-conscious blocks to manifesting and allow you to naturally and effortlessly create the life of plenty that you are desiring. Recommended as a daily meditation for the whole family. Listen until integrated. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Taped Live 3 Guided Meditation Attunements from the Master Series One Prairiewoods Retreat Intensive
3 Downloadable MP4 Video Files ($35.00 Value)

Video taped live Guided Meditation attunements from the "Master Series One" Prairiewoods 3-Day Retreat Intensive. 3 attunements. Receive the QL attunements for self empowerment, aligning with the Unified Field, receiving bliss and oneness and unity consciousness.

These meditations will strengthen your healing and creativity skills, improve your relationships and bring forward a stronger Source connection. These attunements will help you to release stress and tension, clear your mind chatter, improve your health and add a dimension of well-being that was missing before. Raise your self-esteem like never before! Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Quantum Lightweaving® Master Series One Intensive Meditation Attunements #1 - #5 for Healing, Self-Empowerment and Manifesting
5 Downloadable MP3 Audio Files ($55.00 Value)

These Quantum Lightweaving® guided meditation attunements will align you to the source of this work and help you in many ways.

Enhance your intuition, increase your energy flows, empower your healing practice, clear your energy centers, align to New Earth energetics and much more. Use as a daily meditation practice and for healing of spiritual-emotional issues. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Taped Live Master Series One Intensive Review
5 Downloadable MP4 Video Files ($395.00 Value)

Video taped live "Master Series One" Intensive Review with QL meditation attunements and demonstration collapses. You can learn to do the work through absorbing the vibrations from this video.

All the basics will be covered: Hand placements for session work, holding states for collapsing, the wave experience, the meditative experience, creating sacred space, on-going cumulative benefits, what to expect, the client In Take process, follow through and after care, body scanning, how QL is different from other modalities, setting up the state, client resistance to change, strategies, protocols, how to detach from dysfunctional morphogenic fields, star-gates, the 3rd Eye center, theta-delta brain wave states, clearing your space, boundaries and much more. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Journey Into Transformations and Miracles Guided Meditation
1 Downloadable MP3 Audio File ($20.00 Value)

A great daily meditation for releasing density and receiving the miracle energy we call Grace. Absorbing these energetics will naturally empower you in many ways to live more abundantly. On-going benefits.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Soul Journey - Guided Activation Meditation - 30 Minutes
1 Downloadable MP3 Audio File ($25.00 Value)

Merkabah guided journey for reclaiming and gathering up Soul fragments (spaced-out aspects) and frozen-in-time experiences (stuck places) for Auric Field coherency and unity with the physical body.

Re-setting the pineal, pituitary and thalamus regions of the brain.

Activation of Power Centers - Guided Activation Meditation - 30 Minutes
1 Downloadable MP3 Audio File ($25.00 Value)

Deeper activation of the Green Disc, Sun Chakra, Soul Matrix, Original 8 Cells and the sacred tri-angulation within the brain for whole body shifting and manifesting in physical reality (the illusion).

Activation of the healing power of the brain and energizing the immune system for balanced empathy.

Cleansing Pure Blue Ice Image
Downloadable Large Image File

By using, focusing and gazing at this image, it carries the very powerful properties and ability to bring about a deep inner emotional / mental and genetic cleansing, while rejuvenating you simultaneously. This prepares you to transform your consciousness and move into ever deeper levels of the pure quantum wave state, by assisting you in removing emotional / mental / and genetic baggage and trauma. Clear / Cleanse and Prepare the way for the Quantum Wave.

Inspired by and specially created for Kenji Kumara's Quantum Lightweaving®, a brand-new quantum holographic waveimage is intended to assist in balancing, enhancing and deepening integration of the Quantum experience.

This unique and exquisite image designed by stellar quantum artist, Rene Hamilton, embodies the quantum field consciousness generated and radiates the infinite potential expressed through the holographic grid and matrix. Each user of the energy image will experience the quantum field in a personal way according to one's own unique energetic bio-rhythm and according to how harmonious one is tuned into the unlimited state of pure quantum field of consciousness; this remarkable image is intended to help maintain your unique flow of divine transformation and awakening accordingly.


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What Other People are Experiencing with Kenji's
Quantum Lightweaving Transformational Package

"I feel like the ‘light’ has been switched back on in me. I am more willing to participate in life… I feel that something that had gone missing has returned… the ‘magic’ is back!"
- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"More and more incredible things are happening to me. Don’t know how to express them in words, if there are any words for that. I am a bit overwhelmed. With all the magnificent gifts I’ve been presented lately. Invisible and visible – so loving and caring. Deeper friendships than I ever expected… So grateful…" - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"The intensive course was like no other experience I have had. Kenji is a master at teaching within the quantum state. It felt like being held in love and support as our blocks were cleared and we were given our gifts. I could literally feel myself shift inside and when I came back to my "real life" everything had changed. I thought I knew what being in my authentic self was, but now I finally understand what that feels like. Each morning when I wake up I know exactly what to do next toward my purpose. It is difficult to believe that before the course I didn't know why I was here. Words can't express the gratefulness I have for Kenji and Anda for the work they bring forward to help light workers and the youth step onto their path and excel."- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"What a marvelous, eye-opening, jaw-dropping, earth-shaking experience! Listening to Kenji's attunements and then attending his Intensive … has opened an exponential flow of wonder and awe … the incredible feeling of oneness that permeated the Intensive continues to expand and permeate mind, emotions, body and soul. Kudos to Kenji and his staff for sharing with us this incredible QL world of wonder!"- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"The effects were basically peaceful and it allowed me to strengthen my energetic support system. I have found that over the last two intensives, I feel so "at home" with supporting other people during their experiences as well. It gives me a feeling that I am carrying out and participating in my purpose. I felt that the environment was perfect for me to step into my own higher self with comfort and ease and the surrounding energies were very nurturing to that experience. I think that QL has basically been my classroom to my own personal quest for totality. That's pretty amazing now that I re-read that… Thank you for gifting that environment to us all. Even though each person comes out of it with a different puzzle piece, it fits. Much Love."
- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Thanks again for EVERYTHING you've done with Quantum Lightweaving®. I feel completely different after the retreat. I don't feel so shy around people any more. And I don't worry about being an annoyance to them so much any more."- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"I wanted to thank you so much for giving me the greatest opportunity. You and your amazing team have changed my life. You have shown me the true beauty of the essence of life. All my life I knew I was meant to help people, now I know how. My entire universe has changed and I am so excited to see what is going to come of it. The true beauty of life is what lies in you."- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Kenji, It is truly an honor to work with you and be a part of the Earth Transforming Team. I sincerely appreciate your work and have the highest respect for you and who you are. Your teaching style teaches me so… much, how to be with… at every moment. My Life has been transformed and brought onto its path because of you and your wonderful work. You are the most wonderful teacher I have ever met on this Earth and I am so grateful."- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Dear Kenji, Truly I have no words to express my gratitude. To be honest, words feel utterly inadequate. Let it be a communication of my gratitude from my silence to your silence – I know you would get it. You “held the space of Love, Beauty and Grace” so profoundly during these beautiful days, that just by thinking of it, tears start rolling down. I am truly grateful for this taste of nectar – “the altered state”, which eastern masters have called “Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram” in Sanskrit – which literally translates into “Truth-Pure Consciousness-Beauty” or in other words – all these three are synonyms, “truth” is “pure consciousness” which is nothing but “beauty”. But one understands and lives it, only after experiencing it."- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Come experience the miraculous state of Grace that is inherent in the Quantum Field. Quantum Lightweaving® is deep, immediate, simple, loving and direct access to the state known as Darshan. Deepen your point of reference immediately and feel freedom and resolution. Anchor your life in a grounded and reverent way. This is relief." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Well amazing shifts have happened in they way I approach things. I am not concerned, or in a fear/worry state, anymore. I am more trusting of the unknown. I am full of joy all the time. I dream of divine mother often, i.e. the ordination. I feel blissed out when I close my eyes and connect. I am trying to not experience the quantum as an either or state, but rather all the time. I have a choice to collapse things in that moment and do often." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Thank you so much for this work – what a gift!!!Much love and may you be able to spread this all over the world, so that everyone can benefit from you. In deep appreciation." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Dear Kenji, The intensive was so amazing. Thank you so much for bringing such incredible energy of Love & Peace to me. I still continue to feel a calm & deeper connection to Source/Self and the Council of 14." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"In the area of personal relations, I feel a better connection to people I am interacting with. I am more spontaneous and interactive… I am better able to do the things I want to do and to engage in those tasks almost effortlessly." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"Really enjoyed the weekend….Feeling calm and more able to handle stress in my life. I also am able to meditate much more easily than before. Sign me up for the next round!"
- Quantum Lightweaving® Student

"I just wanted you to know that I so enjoyed being in your classes. I listen to your attunement very often. I use them in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and I try to use what I learned from you. Quantum Lightweaving is truly part of my life. Thank you so much." - Quantum Lightweaving® Student

(These testimonials are all from from Kenji Kumara's site)

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Medical Disclaimer: Quantum Lightweaving® is not a substitute or replacement for standard medical care and treatment. We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Recipients of the work take full responsibility for their experiences on all levels and will not hold Quantum Lightweaving® or Kenji Kumara liable for any after effects and shifts in consciousness. Quantum Lightweaving® is an complimentary modality to standard medical, therapeutic, counseling and mental health practices and is a soul-based transformational approach for Unity Consciousness.

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